Our company has a very rich history in the Oakley area. The Continente Family established residency in Oakley, in the early 1900s, the same location where we are headquartered today. Our company's involvement in the food industry traces back to Italy, prior to our ancestors immigrating to the United States. As in Italy, we have been involved in farming and producing various fruit, vegetable, walnuts, nuts and nut products. Over time we found that we could service our consumer best by specializing in two arenas: the walnut industry as Continente Ranch LP and the grape industry for the table wine market.

The family home sits amongst the many acres of rich California grapes grown by Continente Ranch LP. The memories of not so long ago, family reunions where the stories of past seasons and hopes of next year's crop were discussed and screams of children playing amongst the vines themselves took place here. Generations passed the wisdom of age and experience to the next generation.

The Continente Family has a rich ancestral past in farming and wine making linking us to the late 1800s. We at Continente Ranch LP are very proud for our contribution to Bogle Vineyards.