Family History

The Continente Family has a rich ancestral past in farming and wine making linking us to the late 1800s. From their simple beginnings in Monte Di Procida, a province of Naples, Italy, where three brothers Giovanni, Gesuere, and Andrea created a thriving farming and winery business. The three brothers grew grape and other vegetables using the time honored tradition, a farming tradition that is still visible today in Monte Di Procida. Each grape vine reaching towards the sky on a 20 foot tall pole while other vegetables and earth healthy ground cover grow below intermingled between the rows of green vines and sun enriched grape.

The stories of prosperity and "a better life" in America ultimately peeked the interest of the three brothers and a decision was made to come to the United States. Between the years of 1904 to 1911 Giovanni, Gesuere, and Andrea immigrated to the United States arriving at Ellis Island in New York, as so many others had with great dreams to start a new life.

Upon arriving to the United States the brothers set their sites on moving to California. It was learned that property, in what is now know as Oakley, California, best mirrored the typography of their home in Italy. They decided to set their sites on purchasing property here and once again began to farm in familiar environments. The first step was to send one brother ahead to California while the others stayed in New York and worked to save for the ultimate cost of moving to California and starting the family business.

Giovanni Continente was the first brother to come to California and set up shop in Pittsburg, California, then known as New York of the West Coast. The fishing industry was a primary market in Pittsburg and Giovanni, the consummate businessman, saw a need and a way to start the family business. On horseback Giovanni would undertake the daily delivery of fresh fish from the docks of Pittsburg to the consumers in Oakley. As was tradition from Italy, it was not money that exchanged hands but barter of fresh fruits and vegetables that could be sold and bartered back in Pittsburg. The market niche isolated by Giovanni gleamed such success that "The Continente Hotel" and "Continente Market" both in Pittsburg came to be.

While Giovanni was in California, Gesuere and Andrea were in New York, the family suffered its first set back. Gesuere passed away leaving only Andrea to come to California. Andrea came to Pittsburg where he immediately began working the family business. Once the opportunity presented itself and funds were saved the family purchased the property that is still run and operated by the third generation Continente son.

What is now nationally recognized as Continente Nut LLC and Continente Ranch LP are operated on the property purchased generations ago. We are very proud of our farming and processing facilities. Continente Nut LLC and Continent Ranch LP boast a rich history in farming fruits, vegetable and nut food products.